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Katberg Mountain Resort & Hotel

Published : July 18, 2022 9:42 pm

Katberg Mountain Resort & Hotel is a family and outdoor focused destination offering family activities in a safe and beautiful environment. Set at the foot of the majestic Katberg Mountains with expansive lawns and large gardens, Katberg offers guests excellent short walks and longer hikes for the more adventurous. Additional sports and activities such as Tennis, Squash, Bowls, Golf, Swimming, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Trail Running Fishing and much more are what makes Katberg Mountain Resort a favorite for families, groups and those who love the outdoors. There are children-focused activities and designated children’s play areas and a pool, especially for the family’s enjoyment. Additional facilities like the Poolside Café, the hotel restaurant and bar, and options such as a picnic to enjoy while fishing or on a hike all add to the fun that is Katberg Mountain resort and Hotel. Sun-downers in various locations are an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent surrounding views, socialize with other guests and enjoy the Eastern Cape’s renowned warm hospitality. Cold winters with roaring fires throughout the hotel offer a warm and cosy atmosphere for games, relaxation and enjoyment.